Design Fees

Debra George believes that developing your budget is a partnership between us. As the client, you must take an active role, and be thoughtful, honest and realistic about your budget.

As a professional designer, Debra will assess your needs and help you to determine where to spend and where to save, prioritizing expenses while creating an interior that is suited to your budget.


Please keep in mind that the cost of projects will be determined by the following aspects:

The size of the project, e.g. one room versus the whole house; The amount of time required and the time frame in which the project needs to be completed, e.g. two weeks, two months, the Summer season...

Often, not everything has to be completed at once. Debra can develop a long-range plan, consulting with you to establish a list of priorities, starting with rooms and areas you feel need attention first, and determine a sequence for accomplishing the entire project. Working within the constraints of your budget, she will plan a scheme that expresses your personal style and meets your individual requirements, while at the same time helping you to avoid costly errors by making wise purchases that fit your framework.

Know also, that often, simple changes and additions can make a huge difference. A room can be transformed with the impactful use of color, rearrangement of existing furniture, the introduction of atmospheric lighting or mirrors, clever and creative choice of window treatments, accessories, cushions and throws, none of which need to be overly expensive.


consulting & design

Debra begins every project by consulting with her clients. She asks questions and listens to your answers. It is very important to understand the direction and the very specific needs and desires of each client. Debra then evaluates the space with your requirements and ideas in mind, making suggestions and conveying information about standards, products, installation and comparative costs for your consideration while discussing the scope of the project with you. 

Once the project is defined, Debra can begin the Design process for your project. This might simply be immediate paint color selections or furnishings rearrangement in your existing home or office. The Design process could also include the development of full plan drawings, architectural finish and material selections, kitchen and bath remodels, cabinetry design, lighting fixture and fan selection and placement, window treatments and bedding design and fabrication, furnishings and fabric selections, art and accessory acquisition and installation, and more. 

Consultation and Design fees are Invoiced on an hourly basis and are the foundation for subsequent Proposals for Products and Services to be provided as needed to accomplish your design goals.


contracts for continuing projects

Debra George Designs utilizes an "Agreement for Professional Services" outlining the terms of the agreement. This contract is a standard procedure for projects which require significant time and financial investment beyond simple consulting. The agreement describes the professional design consulting and services to the client as well as the client's responsibility to the designer. It sets the consulting rate and the retainer amount, and addresses the procedures and limitations of liability of the project, all clearly stated in this signed format.